Cure For Psoriasis In India

cure for psoriasis in india
How can the mild psoriasis curable?

I hv been affected by mild scalp psoriasis. Only a patch of affected hv 2 cm square. There is no itching and / burning sensation. Only scale that was happening. Consulted dematologist @ Apollo (one of the best hospitals in India). I was assured which is in very early stage and the prescription lotion Diavonex scalp. Tropical 2times daily application for 3 months improved my patch. Only three areas pinhole and a piece of about 1 / 4 "is still expanding. Three fingers of my hand have also been affected by nail psoriasis recently. I hv been prescription Tazarotene 0.1% w / w oint. applied locally at the nail and continue with the previous Diavonex, Fongiture shampoo and an anti-oxidant. Can someone help me understand the treatment is to me. Can anyone come across suggestions?

tar extract application

Psoriatic Arthritis treated by Dr. Rajesh Shah at Life Force

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