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6 months old, small red bumps?

my six months old was a break with these little red bumps, they started on her buttocks and lower back. He has eczema and can not use regular soap, baby lotion, or something like that. He uses Dove and gets cream hydrocortizone placed on him twice a day + lotion cruel (College of Physicians), but I do not understand what these may be. they left on the lower back for a few days, then they were on his cheeks, flanks, shoulders and neck. then they go away and come back. I do not know if it can be heat rash because I am very careful not to put something heavy on him, itching or equipment. doctors office they said if he does not cry, it's probably not worth only for him and continue to put the cream on him. Could that be?

There could be many things, but given you have eliminated the heat rash I suspect impetigo. If it spreads finally get an appointment – and I stop using hydrocortisone the rash is and start using Neosporin or Polysporin instead. If it is impetigo, it will definitely have a prescription for an antibiotic orally and Bactroban / Muciprocin (a topical antibiotic for skin infections such). However, babies can have many many eruptions different (like hundreds of rash) for many reasons, and most are benign, others are caused by a reaction to viral infection. The biggest thing to watch is a golden crust, red inflamed skin, and pustules – all sure signs of impetigo (Streptococcus and staphylococcus cause). And impetigo course, is something of a baby with ezcema is very sensitive.


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