Eczema Fingers

eczema fingers
Eczema skin bleeding What can I do?

I have eczema on my skin where my fingers are bleeding skin around her has bad eczema and when I move my fingers my skin breaks open and bleeds slowly. Is there anything i can do to help my eczema I find moisturizer is helpful, but is it a good idea to put moisturizer on open wounds / skin bleeding?

have u been to a doctor for a prescription cream? my son suffers with it too, it puts a lot of moisturizer on his skin cracked, it was also divided bleeding knuckles. I tried many natural therapies such as acupuncture and Chinese herbs, such work for a while, but then the body gets used to the I recently used him to a naturopath who has been able to tell me he has a zinc deficiency and this may be a cause, it is taken omega oil daily and has a new natural cream, I noticed a difference in just 2 weeks. if you are in Australia, I can give you the phone number of the company with cream, write me

Computers cause eczema: Stop playing computer games!

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