Eczema Mayo

eczema mayo
How can I get more silky hair softer?

My hair is already very soft and silky, but I want it to be softer and silky. With the help of eggs, mayonnaise, coconut (milk or oil) I already use a deep conditioner and leave in the conditioner. I do not use heat on my often maybe I dry my hair twice a month and the right for special occasions. I do not shampoo my hair every day I'm in college (Monday – Thursday) because I get things in my hair and I have a shampoo that I use to itching scalp as I itchy scalp eczema.

If you get a bowl, mix together and: 1 and a half of water cups ½ cup all-purpose flour 2 tsp tablespoon lemon juice One tablespoon almond extract and a banana mixed spred ment even roots to peaks with a comb and let stand for 5-7 minuets, your hair shine! incerese force it, do more and more silky smooth and help protect against split ends!

Minnesota Dermatology Holiday Card and Dance

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