Eczema Soap Recipe

eczema soap recipe
melt and pour soap recipe?

I have a niece with eczema and want to make soap, she could use a goat milk melt and pour base. Does anyone have a good recipe with a ratio of oil to use?

I do not know what you mean. The soap that I never knew that you could "melt & for" is a vegetable glycerin base, not goat's milk. Here's a site with recipes soap Goat milk: These essential oils are used to treat eczema: benzoin, bergamot, Roman chamomile, geranium, juniper, lavender, palmarosa and sandalwood. If you make a soap for her to avoid lanolin, COCONUT petroleum and coal tar. Advise him to take the rainwater for use in bath and shampoo. You do not ask, but the oil Evening primrose (2 capsules 2x per day for children and 2x as much for adults) has a good success rate in reducing eczema. In children in particular, Zinc deficiency is indicated.

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