Garlic Eczema

garlic eczema
I suffer from eczema for over 8 years and my eczema is getting worse every time when I brush my tongue, why?

I have eczema for over 8 years and my eczema worse every time when I brush my tongue … on my eczema begins to itch and burn sense … Why? I think my eczema have a connection with my tongue and stomach when I feel my tongue and my bouche''''boueux cezema Worse so i get first I thought it may ĂȘtre''i''candida to start eating yogurt and taking probiotics and eat garlic, but my situation seems not candida .. So what can be? What type of connection can be between language, of the stomach and eczema? Some doctors recomnds brush your tongue laisser''nettoyer''rosĂ© .. for other peoples to do what is normal for me but …. it's a disaster .. Why? which is the connection? Why? please help .. give me ideas .. thank you

I have not ever heard about before this kind of connection. Instead of brushing your tongue, try using a mouthwash good for a while and see if your eczema gets worse sometimes. You should ask your doctor about this. Check here.

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